I'm Danielle Selby (informally referred to as "Danie" most of the time), and I'm the artist + designer behind Pasadya. 

I began drawing as soon as I could somewhat steadily maneuver a pencil, and I became resoundingly proud of my creations as a four-year-old. My artwork morphed from my first "piece" consisting of impromptu blue Crayola marker scribbles on my wooden dresser (much to my mom's dismay), to horrible buck-tooth drawings I tried to make of my cousin as a nine-year-old, to more refined, studied pieces with a simplistic, modern flair in my early 20's. Early in 2012, I launched my own business, lovingly named Pasadya. The word pasadya derives from the Philippines, translating in English to "custom." 

Why custom, you ask? And why the Philippines?

It has always been my intention for the products and services of Pasadya to be custom for clients--I strongly believe that art and design should be well-made and well-intentioned. Most importantly, artwork should take clients' needs to heart. My mom was born and raised in the Philippines, and the Filipino culture that I was lucky enough to be raised in is comprised of a genuine and extremely giving nature. My aim is to give clients, readers, and viewers just that--genuine work with a foundation of generosity. 

I split my time designing logos, making artwork with different media (my favorites are acrylic, watercolor, graphite, pen, and Photoshop), and taking non-stuffy, simplistic photos of people, nature, and objects, and most recently, designing custom-written tattoos for amazing clients. 

When I'm not working, I'm usually exploring Austin, Texas and all of its offerings with my husband Clay and our emotionally-awkward Boston Terrier, Xena.

I'm so grateful to God for the experiences He has exposed me to, guiding me to learn and grow professionally and personally. It's my hope to share the joy that this world has to offer. 

+ If you're interested in special artwork or commissions (or would just like to say hello), please don't hesitate to drop me a note at admin@pasadya.com. I'll love to hear from you!